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    • Crystal River, Fisher, Big and Little Glen Lakes Leelanau County, Michigan 

      Curry, Karl L. (2013-01-09)
      This report represents a preliminary evaluation of water quality in the Crystal River Watershed based on biological, chemical and physical data collected during the fall survey (October 1 through October 30, 1971) as ...
    • Draft Workplan for Watershed Coucil Water Monitoring Program 

      Price, Brian (2013-03-26)
      Dr. Tim Keilty, Dr. Ray Canale, Brian Price, and Walt Nielsen met on January 19 to review the water monitoring program and draw up a draft workplan for 1996. We now have 5 1/2 full years of water quality data dating back ...
    • Elk Skegemog Lakes Association Lake Level Information May 1995 

      Gauthier, William D (2013-01-03)
      The Association attempts to monitor and record levels at the dam at least once a week and more often w hen there are periods of abnormal rainfall or drought and seasonal level adjustments. Also, our measurements cannot ...
    • Ellsworth Lake Preliminary Investigation October 1988 

      Peterson, John; Comfort, Margaret (2013-01-03)
      Due to, the metal working business activities and the presence of hazardous materials at this site, there has been cause to suspect environmental damages. Previous investigations, primarily by the Michigan DNR, have indicated ...
    • Eurasian Water Milfoil Survey on Elk and Skegemog Lakes and Torch River November 1998 

      Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (2013-01-03)
      In 1995, Clean Water Act funds were granted to eight organizations and agencies by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for a three year project to protect water resources of the Elk River/Chain of Lakes Watershed. ...
    • First Sampling Lake Bellaire Tributaries 

      Kelly, Thomas (2013-03-28)
      On 9 May 1983 I sampled Grass Creek, the Intermediate River at Bellaire and at its mouth at Lake Bellaire, and the Grass River at its head water at Lake Bellaire. (See map for sampling locations). Copies of my field notes ...
    • Four year compilation 1995-1998: Water Quality Data Gathered on the Lower Chain of Lakes by Red Mule, Tip of the Mitt and their Secchi Disk Volunteers. 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (2013-01-09)
      Attached is a four year compilation (1995-1998) o f all the water quality data gathered on the lower Chain o f Lakes by Red Mule, Tip o f the Mitt and their secchi disk volunteers. It is complete except for the 1998 ...
    • Frozen Water Samples Received January 9, 1985 

      Hoch, Jane (2013-01-09)
      Included on the chart are duplicate results and recovery data. Recoveries were performed by adding 5 ug Phosphate as P to 100 mL samples, giving a concentration of 50 ug/L. The spiked samples were digested and analyzed ...
    • Grand Traverse Bay Region Development Guidebook 

      Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce (Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce, 2000-09)
      This revised edition of the Guidebook wholeheartedly supports the mission of the original document and lauds the great strides that have been made toward a more sustainable pattern of growth and development in our region ...
    • Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Initiative: Water Quality Monitoring Program 

      Unknown author (2013-03-26)
      The Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Initiative supports the development and continuation of a comprehensive water quality monitoring effort to provide for essential data needs of the Initiative, its partner organizations and ...
    • A History of Spencer Creek Torch Lake 

      Kelly, Thomas M.; Peterson, Margaret E. (2013-03-19)
      Concern by riparian residents of Torch Lake and Spencer Creek regarding the water quality of the creek and its impact on the Torch Lake shore zone prompted this study of the Spencer Creek - Torch Lake system. The purpose ...
    • Inland Lake Self-Help Program Annual Report 1976: A Cooperative Lake Riparian - Michigan Department of Natural Resources Projects 

      Michigan Department of Natural Resources (2013-01-08)
      To many people a lake is a place to temporarily escape the daily work routine and enjoy the recreational pursuits of swimming, fishing and boating. In an attempt to get closer to this recreational opportunity, people ...
    • Institute for Water Quality Research Annual Report 1985 Volume 3, Number 1 

      Peterson, Margaret; Institute for Water Quality Research (2013-01-08)
      The Three Lakes Association contracted the Institute to provide monthly sampling at three tributary stations and one lake station in Lake Bellaire. The sampling was done from May through December. Phosphorus samples were ...
    • Lake Bellaire Algal Survey 1981 

      Tallent, R. (2013-01-11)
      Results of an algal survey on Lake Bellaire, Antrim County, Michigan, on 16 May, 1981, are reported, Phyto-plankton were sampled at 11 sites and periphytic algae were collected at 35 sites. The species of algae from both ...
    • Lake Bellaire Algal Survey Summer 1981 

      Tallent, Ray; Miller, Wolfgang M. (2013-01-11)
      Detailed seasonal information on algal dynamics in Lake Bellaire is scarce (Bennett, 1968; Lawrenz, 1971; Boyd, 1976; Witzerman, 1978). The lake, located in the townships of Forest. Home, Kearney, Custer and Helena (T. 2 ...
    • Lake Bellaire Algal Survey: Summer, 1981 

      Tallent, Ray; Miller, Wolfgang (2013-03-26)
      Detailed seasonal information on algal dynamics in Lake Bellaire is scarce (Bennett, 1968; Lawrenz, 1971; Boyd, 1976; Witzerman, 1978). The lake, located in the townships of Forest. Home, Kearney, Custer and Helena (T, ...
    • Lake Bellaire and the Bellaire Wastewater Treatment Plant 

      Kenaga, David (2013-03-28)
      A brief review of Bellaire's history reveals the strong desire to maintain the high quality of Lake Bellaire. In 1971 a direct surface water discharge to Lake Bellaire was not permitted by the Michigan Department of Natural ...
    • Lake Bellaire Dissolved Oxygen June-July 1984 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (2013-07-01)
      Dissolved Oxygen Study for June 1, June 18, and July 20, 1984
    • Lake Bellaire Dissolved Oxygen Study 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (2013-06-27)
    • Lake Bellaire Project Stream Survey 

      Kelly, Thomas M. (2013-03-25)
      The five study streams lie on the east side of Lake Bellaire, Antrim County, Michigan. The streams originate in the upland areas of Section 32 of Kearney Township (T30N.-R7W.) and Section 5 of Custer Township (T29N.-R7W.) ...