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    • Chain 'O Lakes Chemical Analysis Report June 1993- October 1994 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (2013-06-06)
      Chain O Lakes Chemical Analysis Report June 1993- October 1994 Secchi, Phosphorus, and more Chemical data for the Chain of Lakes
    • Chain O Lakes Chemical Analysis Data 1993-1994 

      Unknown author (2013-01-22)
      Chain O Lakes Chemical Analysis Data 1993-1994
    • Lake Bellaire and the Bellaire Wastewater Treatment Plant 

      Kenaga, David (2013-03-28)
      A brief review of Bellaire's history reveals the strong desire to maintain the high quality of Lake Bellaire. In 1971 a direct surface water discharge to Lake Bellaire was not permitted by the Michigan Department of Natural ...
    • Phosphorus Results, 1983-1984 

      Kelly, Thomas (2013-03-28)
      The following is a summary of the phosphorus analyses done f or us by Prein and Newhof Laboratories in Grand Rapids. I have attched their original letter and result sheet to this memo.
    • Report of Lake Bellaire Sampling May 15, 1984 

      Kelly, Thomas M. (2015-05-28)
      The following is a transscription [transcription] of my field notes of 15 May 1984:
    • Results of Lake Bellaire inflows and outflow, 9 June 1983 

      Kelly, Thomas M. (2015-05-27)
      I carried out sampling of Grass Creek, the Intermediate River, (two stations) and the Grass River on 9 June 1983. P. Peterson assisted with field work. A boat and motor was provided by Polio’s Marina of Bellaire. Water ...
    • Three Lakes Watershed Summary of Data 1982-1986 

      Peterson, John C. (2013-03-28)
      In physical characteristics, water quality, and biological community, Torch Lake is more like nearby Grand Traverse Bay than the other lakes of the Chain of Lakes. The water is low in nutrients, there are few aquatic plants, ...
    • Torch Lake Project 1983 Shoreline Algal Survey: A Shoreline Algal Survey of Torch Lake 

      The Northwest Michigan Regional Planning and Development Commission; The Institute for Water Quality Research (2013-05-06)
      Our shoreline algal (cladophora) survey of Torch Lake identified thirty-seven lakeshore homes where we determined that lakeshore septic systems were likely leaching and stimulating algae growth. This is approximately 3% ...
    • The Water Quality of North Lake Leelanau: A Shoreline Algal Survey 

      Northwest Michigan Regional Planning and Development Commission (1983)
      The Shoreline algal (cladophora) survey identified 53 cladophora . growths, the majority of which we suspect are related to leaching septic systems or excessive lawn fertilization. Most growths were small, indicating a ...