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    • 1984/5 Water Quality Studies 

      Three Lakes Association (2013-01-09)
      During 1984 and early 1985 the Three Lakes Association has conducted water quality studies aimed at monitoring the Quality of Lake Bellaire. These studies are an out growth of the earlier Lake Bellaire studies (1982 - 3) ...
    • 1991 Water Quality Report 

      Three Lakes Association (2013-01-11)
      The Three Lakes Association provided sampling of Torch, Clam, and Bellaire on five dates in 1991. The data and graphs illustrating the data a reattached. The phosphorus samples were analyzed by Battelle Labs. The data is ...
    • Addendum to Hilton Shanty Creek Development Groundwater Discharge Permit Hydrogeological Study 

      Progressive Architects/Engineers/Planners, Inc. (2013-06-18)
      The original hydrogeological study for the Shanty Creek complex, prepared in February of 1985, indicated there would be single family residential development adjacent to the new Palmer Golf Course. Figure 11 contained ...
    • Algal Survey of the Chain of Lakes 

      Toth, Bill (2013-03-25)
      Algae surveys were made sporadically over the last 2 - 3 years in the Chain of Lakes of Antrim County Michigan. These samples were sent in by members of the Lakes Association in order that they might help to assess the ...
    • Chain 'O Lakes Chemical Analysis Report June 1993- October 1994 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (2013-06-06)
      Chain O Lakes Chemical Analysis Report June 1993- October 1994 Secchi, Phosphorus, and more Chemical data for the Chain of Lakes
    • Chain O Lakes Chlorophyll Lab Results May -September 1992 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (2013-06-06)
      1992 Chlorophyll-a VLM Results
    • Chain O Lakes Data Sheet: July and October 1986 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (2013-06-27)
      Chain O Lakes Data Sheet July & October 1986
    • Chain O Lakes Phosphorus Results: April July October 1986 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (2013-06-27)
      Chain O Lakes Phosphorus Results April July October 1986
    • Four year compilation 1995-1998: Water Quality Data Gathered on the Lower Chain of Lakes by Red Mule, Tip of the Mitt and their Secchi Disk Volunteers. 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (2013-01-09)
      Attached is a four year compilation (1995-1998) o f all the water quality data gathered on the lower Chain o f Lakes by Red Mule, Tip o f the Mitt and their secchi disk volunteers. It is complete except for the 1998 ...
    • A History of Fish and Fisheries Torch Lake 

      Kelly, Thomas M. (2015-05-26)
      Torch Lake, located among the glacial hills of Antrim County, Michigan, is the second largest inland lake in the state. Torch Lake is very deep, and is ranked first in water volume of Michigan's inland lakes. In ...
    • Lake Bellaire Algal Survey 1981 

      Tallent, R. (2013-01-11)
      Results of an algal survey on Lake Bellaire, Antrim County, Michigan, on 16 May, 1981, are reported, Phyto-plankton were sampled at 11 sites and periphytic algae were collected at 35 sites. The species of algae from both ...
    • Lake Bellaire and the Bellaire Wastewater Treatment Plant 

      Kenaga, David (2013-03-28)
      A brief review of Bellaire's history reveals the strong desire to maintain the high quality of Lake Bellaire. In 1971 a direct surface water discharge to Lake Bellaire was not permitted by the Michigan Department of Natural ...
    • Lake Bellaire Dissolved Oxygen June-July 1984 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (2013-07-01)
      Dissolved Oxygen Study for June 1, June 18, and July 20, 1984
    • Lake Bellaire Dissolved Oxygen Study 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (2013-06-27)
    • Lake Bellaire Project Final Report for 1982-1983 

      Canale, Raymond P.; Peterson, John; Weiss, W. G. Jr (2013-03-25)
      This study was initiated in 1982 in the Three Lakes area in Antrim County, Michigan. The purpose of the study was to determine the water quality status of Lake Bellaire and to investigate the factors which will affect the ...
    • Lake Bellaire Project Stream Survey 

      Kelly, Thomas M. (2013-03-25)
      The five study streams lie on the east side of Lake Bellaire, Antrim County, Michigan. The streams originate in the upland areas of Section 32 of Kearney Township (T30N.-R7W.) and Section 5 of Custer Township (T29N.-R7W.) ...
    • Lake Bellaire Project: Preliminary Report for 1982 

      Canale, Raymond P.; Peterson, John; Weiss, W.G. Jr. (2013-03-26)
      Of the three lakes, Lake Bellaire has received special emphasis for this study. It is shallow, has moderate nutrient levels, and receives drainage from upstream shallow lakes and areas surrounding the Bellaire Sewage ...
    • Qualitative Analysis of Diatoms From Torch Lake 

      Ohiuffo, Mary Amadeo (2013-07-01)
      Written by Sister Mary Amadeo Ohiuffo, BVM for Dr. V. Curry, professor of Biology 403 at Central Michigan University ...
    • Shanty Creek (stream) photos 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (1983)
      A. 13 Nov 83. Sta. 11., downstream from culvert at M-88 B. Stream 1 at W. Fisherman's Paradise Road, looking upstream. C. 1 Nov. 83. Stream 1 at Lake Bellaire. Lake is in fore-ground.
    • Shanty Creek (stream) photos 

      Weiss, Bill G. Jr. (1983)
      A. 1 Nov 83. Upstream. B. 1 Nov 83. Downstream. C. 13 Nov 83. Upstream. D. 13 Nov 83. Upstream inlet of M-88 culvert. Note sand deposits.