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    • Michigan Snow Depths 

      Strommen, N. D. (2014-05-29)
      An understanding of the variability, duration and causes of snow depths in Michigan is important to the planner, developer or engineer in optimizing the use and development of an area at a minimal cost. Snowmobile ...
    • Michigan Snowfall Statistics: First 1- / 3- / 6- / 12- Inch Depths 

      Strommen, N. D. (2014-05-29)
      Early season snowfall often creates special problems when preparations for the winter season have not been completed. The first snowfall of the season for Michigan, on the average, arrives five weeks earlier in the ...
    • Monthly Averages of Temperature and Precipitation for State Climatic Divisions 1941-70 

      United States Department of Commerce (2014-05-29)
      This publication presents monthly divisional averages of temperature and precipitation for the period 1941-70 for each state. Each value is the simple arithmetic average of the data for all stations in the division that ...