Impact of Northern Pike Spawning Marsh Operation on Water Quality

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Novy, James R.
Pecor, Charles H.
Water quality -- Michigan -- Houghton Lake. ; Roscommon County (Mich.)
The effects of northern pike (Esox lucius) spawning marsh operation on Houghton Lake water quality were investigated during 1972 as part of a Water Quality Protection Demonstration Project at Houghton Lake. Typical annual marsh operations consist of an early spring fill with lake water for pike spawning, a discharge during late spring to release fry and adults and a subsequent refill for waterfowl habitat. A final late summer discharge is accomplished to facilitate rotenone treatment to eliminate fish remaining in the marshes. The marsh operations during 1972 deviated from the normal in that extensive late summer and fall drawdowns were undertaken in the south marsh in preparation for burning excessive vegetation. In addition, no late summer discharge was made in the north marsh. Water quality and water exchanges were monitored during the study year...