An Investigation of the Boardman River Biota in Response to Temporary Drought Conditions

Traverse City Light and Power ; Biota ; Boardman River ; July 13, 1981 ; Temporary Drought Conditions ; Brown Bridge Dam ; benthic invertebrate fauna ; Garfield Road Bridge ; Scharman Road Bridge ; Michigan Department of Natural Resources ; Benthic ; Colonization ; aquatic invertebrates ; small fishes ; desiccation
On May 22, 1981, the Brown Bridge Dam spillway gates were accidently closed and remained closed for approximately 1.5 hours. This closure stopped the discharge at Brown Bridge and lowered the downstream river level, exposing portions of the stream bottom to the air. This investigation was done to determine the effects of this temporary "drought" condition on the river's benthic invertebrate fauna, with special consideration of fish food items.
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