Water Quality Assessment in Northern Michigan Watershed

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Miller, Wolfgang M.
Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; Water Quality ; Water Quality 1981 ; Three Lakes Association ; Lake Bellaire ; Torch Lake ; Clam Lake
In the summers of 1979 and 1980, water quality parameters of three northwest Michigan lakes were analyzed. The goal of the program was twofold, continuation of baseline data collection and detection of problem situations. Torch lake, large and oligotrophic, had high water clarity and low nutrient levels. Nitrate nitrogen and orthophosphate concentrations averaged 0.6 mg/l and 0.05 mg/l, respectively. Lakes Bellaire and Glam have been classified as mesotrophic. Water quality for these two lakes in general was good. One major problem area was the northeast section of Lake Bellaire. High nutrient levels resulted in algal blooms. Fecal bacteria counts were significant at some sampling stations.
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