Torch Lake Project- A Study of Spencer Creek Watershed, Antrim and Kalkaska Counties, Michigan

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Kelly, Thomas M.
Peterson, Peg
Institute for Water Quality Research ; Torch Lake Project ; Spencer Creek ; Antrim County ; Spencer Creek watershed ; Kalkaska County ; Alden ; Elk Rapids
Concern by riparian residents of Torch Lake and Spencer Creek regarding the water quality of the creek and its impact on the Torch Lake shore zone prompted this study of the Spencer Creek - Torch Lake system . The purpose of the study is to: (1.) Determine the present water quality of Spencer Creek, (2.) Determine the condition of the water shed related to water quality, and (3.) Determine the impact of Spencer Creek on the near shore zone of Torch Lake. To fulfill these purposes, we have approached the subject using several research methodologies. A historical review of land use changes with in the water shed puts present - day observations into perspective. A physical and biological examination of the creek and water shed provides a reference for judging present water quality and future changes . An examination of the Torch Lake near shore zone considers the interaction of the stream and lake shore.
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