Report on Insecticides in Lake Michigan

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Lake Michigan Enforcement Conference, Pesticides Committee
Great Lakes
The following report of the technical committee on pesticides contains recommendations based on information obtained by the committee from published material, testimony of experts, unpublished data from studies not yet completed, and from the background and experience of the committee members. Despite this wide range of sources, the information was scanty on most aspects of pesticides in the Lake Michigan watershed, and totally lacking in several critical areas. These factors had a pronounced effect on the nature and scope of the committeenulls recommendations.Despite considerable effort by the committee, information necessary to determine the quantity and kinds of pesticides in lake Michigan was not obtainable, and apparently such information would require large expenditures of time and money. The committee recognized a pressing need for a system to obtain such information. The only significant information available was the levels of DDT and dieldrin (both insecticides) present in Lake Michigan f i. sh. This report includes only insecticides since there is no informat ion to suggest that any significant amount of pesticide, other than insecticides, has been detected in Lake Michigan or its aquatic organisms. Thus, the word insecticide is used henceforth.