Addendum to Hilton Shanty Creek Development Groundwater Discharge Permit Hydrogeological Study

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Progressive Architects/Engineers/Planners, Inc.
Palmer Golf Course ; Water Resources Commission Policy ; groundwater discharge ; Shanty Creek ; Hydrogeological Study ; Hydro-geological Study ; Hydro geological Study ; January 5, 1987 ; Water Resources Commission ; Hilton Shanty Creek ; Three Lakes Association ; Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; Elk Skegemog Lakes Association ; Antrim County
The original hydrogeological study for the Shanty Creek complex, prepared in February of 1985, indicated there would be single family residential development adjacent to the new Palmer Golf Course. Figure 11 contained in the original report showed that 135 lots were proposed in the golf course area. About 25 to 30 of these lots were in areas having soils unsuitable for onsite treatment and the hydrogeological study proposed that these residences be served by a public sewer system covered by the groundwater discharge permit which was being requested. The remainder of the parcels had been checked by the local health department and were determined suitable for private onsite septic systems. As indicated by the attached 1983 Water Resources Commission Policy statement, Section 1, private single family waste disposal systems were not considered significant uses of the waters of the state and did not require a groundwater discharge permit.
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