Institute of Salmon and Trout Conditions in Torch Lake, Torch River and Tributary Waters, with Suggestions for a Fish Management Policy for These Waters

salmon and trout conditions ; fish management policy ; tributary waters ; Torch Lake ; Torch River ; August 1931 ; Rapid River ; Clam River ; Alden Creek ; Rapid City ; Michigan Public Service Corporation Dam ; Elk Rapids Dam ; Institute for Fisheries Research ; Trout Investigations
Torch Lake- not covered by present investigation. I understand report is available of work done there by Koelz and Van Oosten. Survey now in progress by Eschmeyer and party. Lake supports Mackinaw trout and steelhead now and doubtless physical conditions are suitable for support of land-locked salmon. How many salmon it could support is problematical. It is not a rich lake in food supply and although lake herring are present as well as more or less other suitable food fish for adult salmon, it is not probable that salmon could be expected to reach a higher abundance then lake trout and steelhead do now. List of fish will be reported upon by lake survey investigation.
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