Summary Report of Projects Conducted on Chain O'Lakes-Antrim, Charlevoix, Kalkaska and Grand Traverse Counties-July, 1970 - October, 1971

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Curry, LaVerne L.
Chain of Lakes ; Antrim County ; Antrim County, MI ; Antrim County, Michigan ; Charlevoix ; Charlevoix, MI ; Charlevoix, Michigan ; Kalkaska ; Kalkaska, MI ; Kalkaska, Michigan ; Grand Traverse County ; Grand Traverse ; Charlevoix County ; Kalkaska County ; Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; Elk Skegemog Lakes Association ; Three Lakes Association ; Upper Intermediate Lakes Association ; Elk River Drainage Basin Council ; Antrim County Board of Commissioners ; Elk Rapids Laboratory ; July 1970 - October 1971
The purpose of this report is to give members of boards supporting project work at Central Michigan University a summary of the major studies conducted by the students of the Biology Department. A review of these studies was given October 11, 1971, at the Elk River Drainage Basin Council meeting held at Bellaire, Michigan. Included are results of the most recent physical and chemical studies conducted in Torch Lake. Also, a general interpretation is given for the water quality found in the lakes investigated.
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