Preliminary Ecological Assessment of the Murray Farm, Section 23-25-26 of Old Mission Peninsula, Peninsula Township Grand Traverse County, Michigan

Old Mission Peninsula ; Peninsula Township ; Grand Traverse County ; September 1, 1988 ; wildlife ; vegetation ; ecosystems ; agricultural ; wilderness values ; orchards ; woodlands ; shores ; Trees ; Shrubs ; Ferns ; herbs ; Flowering Plants ; Birds
A field identification of the living resources of the 514 Acre Murray Farm near the end of the Old Mission Peninsula was made on parts of four days between 27 August and 01 September 1988. The scope of this work considered and included wildlife, vegetation, ecosystems, agricultural and wilderness values. Most plants were visually identifiable, and some specimens of unfamiliar plants were collected to key out later. The twenty five plus years of experience, research, and publication of the author were drawn on to evaluate these lands for possible preservation. This report documents the desirability for public ownership of these lands as opposed to development for intensive residential and vacation properties, necessitating the subsequent break-up of the single large parcel, construction of access roads, and probable waterfront development associated with such a large real-estate undertaking on these near-pristine shorelands.
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