The Grand Traverse Bay Fishery in 1986

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Kelly, Thomas M.
Grand Traverse Bay ; Grand Traverse County ; 1986 ; Fishery ; Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians ; Michigan Department of Natural Resources ; Ann Arbor, Michigan ; Inter-Tribal Fisheries and Assessment Program ; Native Species ; Non-native Species
Grand Traverse Bay and its fisheries are of great value to the local population and the multitude of visitors that annually visit these shores. Problems of fishery management first became apparent in the 1880's with the noted decline of some important commercial species. Since then the fishery has been constantly changing. Some species have become extinct, others have mysteriously appeared to reek havoc on the native fish populations. T h e changes continue today, as the developing Native American commercial fishery and the recreational fishery operate on the same waters, often pursuing the same species. Despite the keen interest in the fishery and other Great Lakes related issues, information about these subjects is difficult for most studies are published in obscure government reports, not easily available to the public. This publication is an attempt to provide current information about the Grand Traverse Bay fishery in a form easily understood b y the non-scientist. Historical Back ground is provided to put the present situation into perspective. While many questions remain unanswered, it is hoped that this report will help the citizens of this region better appreciate and care for this great resource.
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