Gas Eruption Effects on Stream Biota in the Williamsburg Area Grand Traverse County, Michigan May 3, 4 and June 26, 1973

Michigan Water Resources Commission ; Bureau of Water Management ; Department of Natural Resources ; Environmental Protection Branch ; May 3-4, 1973 ; June 26, 1973 ; Williamsburg ; Grand Traverse County ; Michigan ; Williamsburg Creek ; Acme Creek ; University of Michigan ; Freshwater ecology ; Water Quality
Mr. C. Troy Yoder, in charge of State emergency gas eruption activities, on May 2, 1973 requested a biological evaluation of the effects of gas eruption water and sediments on the biota of Acme and Williamsburg Creeks. Bureau of Water Management (BWM) biologists began an investigation on May 3 and 4, 1973, 18 days after gas eruptions started. Another series of samples were taken on June 26, 1973, after gas eurptions had subsided.
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