Boardman River Feasibility Study - A Report on the Boardman River Fisheries Habitat Survey & Data Collection - Draft

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Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
Introduction: During the review of existing data on Boardman River fisheries and fisheries habitat, fisheries habitat information was identified as nearly absent and of high priority for additional collection. Existing data on stream morphology and fisheries habitat is limited to one sample location near Ranch Rudolph (conducted by the MDNR). Some fish habitat data of limited use is also available for the river segment from Union Street Dam downstream to Lake Michigan (conducted by USFWS). Additionally, the US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) conducted detailed sediment and stream morphology sampling during 2007. However, this sampling effort focused on subsampling conditions at approximately seven sites in the mainstem of the Boardman River (J. Selegean, USACE, personal communication). Therefore, a comprehensive survey of conditions within the entire mainstem Boardman River was lacking...