Water Samples 1990

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Weiss, Bill G. Jr.
Red Mule Engineering, Inc. ; September 1990 ; Tip of the Mitt ; Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; Three Lakes Association ; Elk Skegemog Lakes Association ; DNR Self-Help ; Elk Lake ; Skegemog Lake ; secchi ; August 1990 ; July 1990 ; June 1990 ; May 1990
I prepared a new data sheet for recording the data in the computer which displays the profile data on the same page with the other and allows graph preparation from the same ledger. Chlorophyll data will have to be entered later when completed by Tip of the Mitt. I left the phosphorus blank on your sheets simply because the same format will be used for identical stations I took in other lakes where a sample was taken. I have displayed the secchi depths for both Skegemog and Elk on graphs. Also, the profiles for Elk Lake temperature and dissolved oxygen. Unfortunately, I was unable to present these graphs in the way normally found in the literature which would place the water surface at the top of the page. My Lotus graphing abilities could not overcome this problem. Although it bothers me, our analysis can be made by simply looking at the graph by turning it sideways - the labels are just not as readable. However, once you have read the labels it is not really necessary to refer to them for comparison.
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