Development of a Predictive Nutrient-Based Water Quality Model for Torch Lake

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Three Lakes Association
Water quality
The results of this project address the following questions: What is the current (baseline) water quality in Torch Lake, and how does it vary with season and location in the lake? What are the current loadings of phosphorus (the nutrient limiting algal growth) to Torch Lake from all sources, including non-point sources (including the atmosphere and groundwater), tributaries, and in-place (sediment) sources? How will water quality in Torch Lake be affected by changes in nutrient loadings? The water quality model for Torch Lake is intended to support the decision-making process related to maintaining and preserving water quality in Torch Lake. We expect that these results will be used by local units of government, lake associations, property owners, developers and the general public interested in more effective management of water quality resources.
Field data collection was an important aspect of this project. Water quality sampling was conducted from July of 2004 through October of 2005. During that time, TLA sampled lake water, tributaries, precipitation, groundwater and lake sediment.