Four year compilation 1995-1998: Water Quality Data Gathered on the Lower Chain of Lakes by Red Mule, Tip of the Mitt and their Secchi Disk Volunteers.

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Weiss, Bill G. Jr.
Three Lakes Association ; Elk Skegemog Lakes Association ; Water Quality ; Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council ; Lower Chain of Lakes ; Red Mule Engineering, Inc. ; Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; November 19, 1998 ; November 1998
Attached is a four year compilation (1995-1998) o f all the water quality data gathered on the lower Chain o f Lakes by Red Mule, Tip o f the Mitt and their secchi disk volunteers. It is complete except for the 1998 chlorophyll data which is not yet available. The data has been compiled on the Grand Traverse Bay Watershed Initiative recording forms in hopes that in future years it will assist them in keypunching the data into their planned watershed database.
Partial OCR done. Partially handwritten. 87 pages total.