Request for Qualifications Engineering and Feasibility Study

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Boardman River Dams Committee
Boardman River ; Boardman River Dams ; Boardman River Dam Project
The purpose of the Boardman River Dams Committee (BDRC) is “to engage all interests in assessing and recommending the fate of the Boardman River Dams on the main stem of the Boardman River based upon a thorough analysis of options, including long and short-term economic, societal, environmental, aesthetic, transportation and ecological impacts on the community, individuals and riparian owners.” Accordingly, the Boardman River Dams Committee is issuing this Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to determine the interest, experience and capacities of organizations to complete an engineering and feasibility study concerning the fate of four dams on the Boardman River near Traverse City, and within Grand Traverse County, Michigan. The City of Traverse City (City) and Grand Traverse County (County), as owners of the Dams, and the Implementation Team established by the Boardman River Dams Settlement Agreement, have no predisposition or bias about the future of the dams. As a result, all reasonable, feasible options for the future of the dams, including dam retention and dam removal, will be fully assessed based upon the concerns and issues identified by the Boardman River Dams Committee. Based upon this comprehensive assessment, the Boardman River Dams Committee will make its recommendations about the future of the dams to the Implementation Team, City and County.