Stratigraphic Cross-Sections of the Michigan Basin

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Lilienthal, Richard T.
Michigan Department of Natural Resources ; Geological Survey Division ; 1978 ; Lansing, Michigan
In July 1975 a new unit, the Geology and Minerals Research Unit, was created in the Michigan Geological Survey Division. The purpose of the unit is to investigate the geology and the resource potential of the State and provide a data base for more detailed geological endeavors. Pertinent to these objectives, unit personnel determined that geophysical log cross-sections or correlation sections would be useful in delineating the formations in the subsurface of the Southern Peninsula in greater detail. The 15 cross-sections presented in this report cover the entire stratigraphic sequence present in the subsurface, from the Jurassic through the Precambrian. They depict correlations, based principally on gamma ray logs, of the recognizable groups, formations, and members in the basin, as well as other correlatable units or beds. The information thus provided by the sections will be very helpful to governmental agencies, industry, university people and private citizens for an understanding of the geology of the subsurface of Michigan. It will also provide a data base for more detailed geologic study and essential information for more effective decisions in land use planning.
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