Ground-water Data for Michigan - 1977

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Huffman, G.C.
Groundwater ; Wells
The purpose of this report is to make available the 1977 records of water levels and related data for the principal aquifers of the State. These records and data provide a means for evaluating available ground-water supplies. Longterm records serve as a framework to which short-term records may be related. Also, water levels in areas of heavy pumping may be compared to levels in areas of little or no pumping. This report is written for municipalities, industries, institutions, consultants, drillers, hydrologists, and other people interested in the groundwater resources of the State.
Data on the yield of wells, pumpage, quality of water, and trends of groundwater levels for the past 5 years are shown in the text. Many hydrographs are included to illustrate changes in water levels. Yield data are given as they were reported by water departments and consultants. Also included are data on municipal, public, and industrial water-supply facilities. Tables 1, 2, and 3 contain records of water levels in observation wells, well locations, depths, altitudes, aquifers tapped, water-level extremes, records of pumpage by most major ground-water users in the State, and water quality data from selected wells sampled during 1975-77. Figure 1 shows distribution of observation wells in the State.