Shanty Creek Master Drainage Plan

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Progressive Engineering Consultants of Grand Rapids, Inc.
Progressive Engineering Consultants of Grand Rapids, Inc. ; Shanty Creek ; Shanty Creek Master Drainage Plan ; January 1985 ; 8306-29 ; Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; Three Lakes Association ; Elk Skegemog Lakes Association ; Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay ; Antrim County ; Antrim County, MI ; Antrim County, Michigan
The Shanty Creek Resort Complex is presently involved in a number of expansion projects including construction of a convention center, an 18 hole championship caliper golf course, and condominium and subdivision developments. There is concern that additional soil erosion and sedimentation may be caused by these development activities. The purpose of this report is to present an overall plan for how storm water will be managed on the property to prevent soil erosion and sedimentation. This storm water management plan incorporates the drainage design criteria standards adopted by Antrim County. There are four major drainage areas on the Shanty Creek property. The enclosed Master Plan drawing shows the boundaries of each of the drainage areas. In the sections which follow, each of the areas will be addressed separately. The development which is proposed in each area is shown and calculations are provided in the appendix showing the increased runoff which could potentially be created by the development. Finally, measures designed to control and reduce the runoff in each of the drainage areas are described.
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