Carrying Capacity of North Lake Leelanau

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Turner, Kathy
Nielsen, Walt
Lake Leelanau ; March 26, 1998 ; Carrying Capacity ; Lake Leelanau Lake Association ; Planning and Zoning Center of Lansing, Michigan ; Lake Size ; lake area less than 5 feet deep ; lake volume ; shoreline length ; shoreline properties ; riverfront properties ; County Equalization Department ; mooring ; boating activity ; Water Quality Protection ; Water Quality
Carrying capacity Is the number of boats that can use a lake at any onetime with minimal environmental damage, to the lake and provide safe and enjoyable recreational use. The Planning & Zoning Center of Lansing, Michigan has developed a method of evaluating any lake to determine, objectively, its carrying capacity. That method is described In a manual entitled Carrying Capacity Analysis & Ordinances Providing Lake Access Regulations published in 1994 by that center. The authors collected the Information required to carry out the evaluation described in the manual and carried out the procedures descrlbed therein. The data used, calculations made and evaluation forms completed for the evaluation are presented in this report.
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