Living Resources Assessment Part of an Environmental Assessment of Five Parcels of Tribal Lands Near Peshawbestown, Leelanau County, Michigan

Peshawbestown ; Leelanau County, Michigan ; July 8, 1987 ; wildlife ; vegetation ; ecosystems ; agricultural ; wilderness resources and values
A field identification of the living resources of the five land parcels described below was taken between May 28 and June 27, 1987. The scope of this work considered wildlife, vegetation, ecosystems, agricultural, and wilderness resources and values. The actual field work involved parts of six days varying from 2.5 to 4.5 hours per visit. Most plants were visually identified, and some specimens of unfamiliar ones were taken in order to key later. The twenty plus years of experience, research and publication of the expert were drawn on to evaluate these areas for possible development as tribal housing. This report documents the reasons for classifying the living and natural resources of each parcel according to its environmental sensitivity in relation to their suitability for the construction of housing.
Partial OCR done. 24 pages total.