Leelanau Conservancy Report of the Leelanau Watershed Council: Nutrient Data and Budgets for Leelanau County Streams and Lakes 1990 to 1996

Leelanau County, Michigan ; nutrient data ; Leelanau Conservancy ; MDNR ; MDEQ ; Northport creek ; Provemont Creek ; Beaudwin Creek ; Cedar Lake ; Glen Lake ; Lime Lake ; Little Traverse Lake ; North Lake Leelanau ; South Lake Leelanau ; Belanger Creek ; Belnap Creek ; Mebert Creek ; Cedar River ; Water Quality ; EPA
Flow measurements and water quality samples were taken at two-month intervals from twenty-six streams in Leelanau County over a period from 1990 to 1996. The water samples were analyzed for total phoshorus, nitrate+nitrite, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, and ammonia at the MDNR (now MDEQ) laboratory in Lansing, Michigan. These data have been used to calculate five-year average concentrations and loadings for each parameter for each stream. This information is presented in tables that rank each stream from highest to lowest concentration. These rankings have been used to identify possible problems where remedial action may be appropriate to reduce nutrient inputs or modify cultural practices within a given watershed.
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