Qualitative Analysis of Diatoms From Torch Lake

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Ohiuffo, Mary Amadeo
Three Lakes Association ; Elk Skegemog Lake Association ; Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; Central Michigan Univercity ; Torch Lake ; Antrim County ; Biology 403 ; diatom ; Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science ; water quality ; July 5, 1964 ; July 11, 1964
Written by Sister Mary Amadeo Ohiuffo, BVM for Dr. V. Curry, professor of Biology 403 at Central Michigan University A diatom study, "Qualitative Analysis of Diatoms from Torch Lake" was undertaken In conjunction with a graduate student, William Houston, His study of Torch Lake Includes an Investigation of the vertical distribution of diatoms. He hopee to establish a basis of ooatrol using Torch Lake as a determinant for polluted waters. 1 norm has been established by Dr. Ruth Fatrlok and her associates from the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science who pioneered in the use of sampling diatom population as a means of water quality. According to her, water may be classified as Healthy, semi-healthy", "polluted" or "very polluted". Many studies have been made of polluted waters, but few have been made in collecting data of healthy waters to be used as a basis of control In future research. Data of this study Includes two samplings obtained on July 5* 1964 by William Houston, and another on July 11, 1964 by the author. The first sampling was used for experimental purposes.
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