Grand Traverse Bay: A Time of Choice Basic Issues

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Ryner, Peter C.
Grand Traverse Bay ; Sea Grant Program ; University of Michigan ; Grand Traverse Bay Shorelands Coordinating Committee ; Michigan Water Resources Commission ; School of Natural Resources ; Great Lakes ; Coastal Zone ; Michigan Tourist Council
With the passage of the Shorelands Protection and Management Act of 1970 (Act 245), the Michigan Water Resources Commission (WRC) was charged with the establishment of a shorelands management plan for Michigan's Great Lakes shorelands. In the process of formulating these management recommendations, the commission has been involved with the University of Michigan Sea Grant Program in a pilot shoreland study in Grand Traverse Bay. Soon after commencing this project the WRC and Sea Grant established contact with a number of concerned citizens w ho have provided valuable information and suggestions. In August of 1971 this group established itself as the Traverse Bay Shorelands Coordinating Committee, with the hope of gaining membership from all bay-area political, planning, and citizen groups. In response to requests by members of the Shorelands Coordinating Committee, Sea Grant is preparing a series of background papers which identify some bay shorelands and water problems and some initial recommendations. This general report is the first in a series which will be presented to interested citizens through the Shorelands Coordinating Committee. These conceptual reports will be supplemented by a continuing series of technical Sea Grant reports.
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