An Ecological Assessment of the Western 30 Acres of the William and Brenda Moors Property Located in Section 26, T. 28N., R. 9W. Whitewater Township Grand Traverse County, Michigan Documentation for a conservation Easement

Whitewater Township ; Grand Traverse County ; Ecological Assessment ; Wildlife ; Herbaceous Plants ; Shrubs ; Trees ; August 18, 1990
The following inventory of the physical and ecological features of the western 30 acres of the William and Brenda Moors property which are described here was undertaken for Rotary Charities of Traverse City at the Request of Rob Collier, and with the help and permission of the owners of the land. The purpose of this inventory is for use in preparing a Conservation Easement documentation, and the sketch maps and photos which accompany this report are to aid the land trust in future monitoring. The field work for this report was conducted on 11 and 13 September 1990. On each occasion, Bill Moors kindly accompanied me to point out the boundaries and significant features, and then left me in the area to conduct the remainder of my work. It should be noted that at the time this assessment was commissioned in late summer, many flowering plants had finished blooming. Consequently, some identifications were based on vegetative parts, seeds, and the authors prior knowledge of similar woods in the region in spring. Assessment of wildlife is based partly on the field visit, and partly on the author's considerable prior experience and knowledge of wildlife biology in the region.
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