A Shoreline Survey of Lake Leelanau 1998

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Taylor, Mary
Farber, Hugh
Nielsen, Walt
Turner, Kathy
Wunderlich, Wayne
Shoreline Survey ; Lake Leelanau ; 1998 ; Lake Leelanau Lake Association ; Water Quality Committee ; erosion protection ; greenbelt
The water quality committee of the Lake Leelanau Lake Association carried out a survey of the shore lifle of Lake Leelanau during August and September of 1998. The survey included (for each property parcel along the shoreline): a description of features seen from the water, the number of boat moorings, type of shoreline protection, and type of greenbelt along the waterfront; The data compiled are recorded In LOTUS I 23 computer flies SHORENLL.WK4 and SHORESLLWK4. PURPOSE The primary reason for this undertaking was to obtain property feature descriptions which will enable future investigators to establish their location as they collect samples of aquatic plant specimens for a planned aquatic plant survey. Other data collected was incidental to this purpose and may be of use In understanding sources of boat traffic and of any needs for improved shoreline and water quality protection.
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