Development of Predictive Nutrient-Based Water Quality Models for Lake Bellaire and Clam Lake

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Great Lakes Environmental Center
Water Quality
Great Lakes Environmental Center (GLEC) and Three Lakes Association (TLA) have cooperated in the development of a predictive nutrient-based water quality model for the Three Lakes System (Lake Bellaire and Clam Lake) located in Michigan’s Antrim County. This project was funded by a water quality monitoring grant from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ). The primary goals of this project include: (1) the collection of data necessary to develop a mathematical model of water quality in the Three Lakes System; (2) model calibration and confirmation; and, (3) application of the model to address present water quality concerns and forecast future changes in water quality due to increased nutrient loadings associated with changing land uses and development. Lake Bellaire and Clam Lake have been the focus of monitoring and modeling. This project follows a previous effort to model the water quality of Torch Lake (Endicott et al., 2006) which was also conducted cooperatively by GLEC and TLA, and was funded by a grant from MDEQ to TLA.