Is Lake Michigan Dying? If it is, What Should We Do About It?

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Munro, Neil
Lake Michigan ; Pollution
The death of Lake Michigan would be an unimaginable disaster. No fishing, no swimming, cottages closed all summer, drinking water dosed with chlorine until it smells in the glass. Beaches deep in rotting algae, dead fish, fuel oil slime and orange peels. Instead of being the most valuable asset of the surrounding states, it would be a loathsome thing touching them all. The time of Lake Michigannulls doom has been fixed as early as 1990, not much more than 20 years from now. This horrible vision is hard to believe. The people who hold it are experts, but there are others just as expert who are confident the lake will never be much different than it is now.
Article from the "Grand Rapids Press" from 1968