Shanty Creek (stream) photos

A. 25 Oct. 83 Pipe draining into sedimentation pond south east of Sta. 1. B. Sedimentation pond discharge into Stream 1, above Sta. 1. (pen is 5.5 inches long) 25 Oct C. Erosion channels on hill east of M-88. 13 Nov 83. D. Erosion in same area as photo 2c. 13 Nov 83.
Color photos taken October and November 1983 Shanty Creek in Antrim County, Michigan. Photos taken by Bill Weiss and show streambanks and stream.
Antrim County, Michigan
Stream Source Location is Latitude(DEC): 44.9280603 Longitude(DEC): -85.2092270 Latitude(DMS): 445541N Longitude(DMS): 0851233W