1985 Water Chemistry Data

Institute for Water Quality Research ; March 13, 1986 ; University of Michigan ; Prein & Newhof ; plankton organisims ; soil particles ; Phosphorous Results
In response to your memo of 21 Feb. 1985, I offer the following: 1. Chemistry analyses for April, May, and June were done in July. A copy of the lab report is attached to this memo. 2. I have re-arranged the the phosphorus data to a format similar to the 11 Feb. 1985 report. See attached sheet. 3. I decided to try the U. of M. lab (School of Public Health, Dr. Peter Meier) for the following reasons: a. Competitive cost per sample run. b. Ease of transport to Ann Arbor, at no cost. c. I have used this lab in years past and found their performance to be good
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