Boardman River Feasibility Study Scope of Work - Approved

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Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.
Boardman River Dams
ECT proposes to accomplish the following work items in the evaluation of possible alternative futures for the Boardman River. The general approach to this study is envisioned as a collaborative effort between ECT and the Boardman River Dams Committee wherein close communication between the parties is used to ensure the study meets the desired objectives. The approach will employ both qualitative and quantitative analyses of primary and secondary data and utilize widely accepted methods in engineering, hydrology, environmental sciences, economics, law, and sociology. The information presented below, in addition to identifying specific studies and evaluations, also presents a general workflow and demonstrates how initial study efforts will be expanded to provide an evaluation of identified alternatives. The issues and concerns expressed by the Boardman River Dams Committee in the Request for Qualifications are addressed, but at different points in the study process. Further, it is recognized that funding for this study will likely come from a variety of sources, all with potentially different requirements, constraints, and focus areas. ECT will work closely with the Boardman River Dams Committee to match current and potential future funding sources with appropriate line items of the Scope of Work; to identify remaining funding gaps; and support and assist, as appropriate, as additional sources of funding are pursued. In accordance with the Qualifications Based Selection process, it is envisioned that approval of the Scope of Work will be followed by the contracting phase that will assign priorities, costs, and funding sources to work items.