Predicting Blue-Green Algal Blooms & Potential Toxin Production in Zebra Mussel Infested, Oligotrophic Lakes

Blue-green algal blooms ; zebra mussel ; oligotrophic lakes ; Michigan Department of Environmental Quality ; Leelanau Watershed Council ; Leelanau Conservancy ; Cedar Lake ; Big Glen Lake ; Little Glen Lake ; Lime Lake ; Temperature ; North Lake Leelanau ; Central Lake Leelanau ; South Lake Leelanau ; Little Traverse Lake ; Water Quality ; Saginaw Bay ; microcystis
The Leelanau Watershed Council (LWC) monitoring program began collecting water quality data in 1989 in five oligotrophic, Leelanau County lakes (Cedar, Glen, Leelanau, Lime and Little Traverse). To date, this dataset includes over 650 hydrolab profiles (temperature, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH and oxidative reduction potential); 2,300 total phosphorus, 1,800 nitrate nitrogen, 390 chlorophyll-a and 17 bottom sediment phosphorus determinations along with 700 secchi disk readings and phytoplankton assays in 1993, 2002, 2003 and 2004.
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