Proceedings: Conference in the matter of pollution of Lake Michigan and its tributary basin, Third Session (Reconvened), March 24, 25, 1971, Chicago, Illinois, Volume 1

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Environmental Protection Agency, Water Quality Office
Pollution ; Lake Michigan ; Michigan ; Wisconsin ; Illinois ; Indiana ; EPA ; Great Lakes ; Environmental Protection Agency ; Department of Natural Resources ; Water Resources Commission ; Stream Pollution Control Board ; Water Quality Standards
The purpose of the conference is to bring together State water pollution control agencies, representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency and other interested parties to review the existing situation, the progress which has been made, and lay a basis for future action by all parties concerned and to give the States, localities, and industries an opportunity to take any indicated action under State and local law.
Fig. 1, Maximum Observed Temperatures. Fig. 2, Lethal Temperature. Fig. 3, Maximum for growth requirements. Fig. 4, maximum for reproductive requirements