A Limnological Study of the Chain O' Lakes, Antrim, Grand Traverse and Kalkaska Counties, Michigan I. The Use of Midges (Diptera: Tendipedidae) in the Determination of Eutrophication of the Lakes.

Limnological Study ; Chain O' Lakes ; Chain of Lakes ; Antrim County, Michigan ; Antrim County ; Grand Traverse County ; Grand Traverse County, Michigan ; Kalkaska County ; Kalkaska County, Michigan ; Midges ; Diptera ; Tendipedidae ; Diptera: Tendipedidae ; Eutrophication of the Lakes
Sampling for this study was done from the two Central Michigan University research boats, the Katy M. and the Clipper Craft. The Katy M. was equiped with a Paytheon Fathometer, used to monitor lake depths. A Peterson dredge was used to take benthic samples from the Katy M., since it was rigged for the use of a hand winch . An Eckman dredge was used on the Clipper Croft for taking bottom samples.
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