Letter to Director A. G. Ruthven about: Preliminary Report of Investigations conducted in certain waters of Benzie, Leelanau, Grand Traverse, Antrim and Charlevoix Counties during the months of July and August 1923

University of Michigan ; Ann Arbor, Michigan ; Benzie County ; Leelanau County ; Grand Traverse County ; Antrim County ; Charlevoix ; Department of Conservation ; U. S. Bureau Fisheries ; Platte Bay ; Lake Michigan ; South Manitou Island ; Elk Lake ; Torch lake ; Pine LAke ; Walloon Lake ; Boyne City ; East Jordan ; Great Lakes Basin
The researchees were undertaken primarily for the purpose of collecting data on the distribution and ecology of the Coregonine fishes of these areas, but opportunities to make observations on other species were not neglected. All specimens collected have been deposited in the University Museum at Ann Arbor. The Coregonines will be examined later and the results incorporated in papers in preparation on the systematic relationships and natural history of the Coregonine fishes of the Great Lakes Basin. The specimens of other species are available for students of distribution and of life history. This preliminary report is prepared as a contribution to our knowledge of physical and biological conditions of the areas surveyed, in the hope that the data may serve the interests of conservation. There is appended a summary of observations which may be received as suggested subjects for future investigations.
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