Brief History of Boardman River Hydro Project

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City of Traverse City, Light & Power Department
Traverse City Comission ; U.S. Department of Energy ; Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners ; Boardman River ; hydroelectric generation capacity ; Brown Bridge ; Sabin ; Union St. ; Keystone ; Federal Energy Regulating Commission ; Traverse City Light and Power Board ; State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources ; Fish Management Plan ; U. S. Army Corps of Engineers ; July 17, 1981
Traverse City Commission and Grand Traverse County Board of Commissioners passed Joint Resolution entering into a Joint Venture for the preparation, submittal and execution of a proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy for funds for a Feasibility Assessment for renovating and/or rehabilitating one or more of five (5) existing dams on the Boardman River to provide additional hydroelectric generation capacity.
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