The Evolving Role of the Federal Government in the Management of Lake Michigan

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Jackson, William L.
The University of Michigan Sea Grant Program
Sea Grant ; Great Lakes ; Lake Michigan ; Physical Description ; Resource Management ; Federal Government ; Legislation ; Environmental Protection Agency ; Waste Disposal
Lake Michigan is one of the most valuable of the nationnulls water resources. As demands upon its various uses increase, the need for the coordinated and comprehensive management of its resource uses intensifies. Identified in this report are ten major human uses of Lake Michigan in need of more comprehensive public management, and the federal governmentnulls role in the comprehensive management of these resource uses is described. Basic federal activities in the areas of policy, planning, implementation and regulation, and review are described as they relate to the nationnulls water resources, in general, and to Lake Michigan, in particular. Trends in the development of the federal role in each of these areas are described.
Includes appendices, tables and maps concerning Lake Michigan. Appendix A: Planning Subareas Used By The Great Lakes Basin Commission., Appendix B Conclusions And Recommendations Of The Lake Michigan Enforcement Conference., Appendix C: Federal Government Organizational Charts., Appendix D Recommended Water Parameters To Be Monitored In Lake Michigan.