Lake Bellaire Algal Survey Summer 1981

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Tallent, Ray
Miller, Wolfgang M.
Lake Bellaire ; Algal Survey ; Algal Survey 1981 ; Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; Algal Survey Summer 1981
Detailed seasonal information on algal dynamics in Lake Bellaire is scarce (Bennett, 1968; Lawrenz, 1971; Boyd, 1976; Witzerman, 1978). The lake, located in the townships of Forest. Home, Kearney, Custer and Helena (T. 2 9 - 3 0 N , , R . 7 - 8 W.) of Antrim County, Michigan, is susceptible to possible inputs of eutrophying nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous) from the following sources) riparian lawns and septic systems; 2) the Intermediate River, flowing in from the town of Bellaire;. 3) Wilson Creek, which drains a wetlands presently used to receive treated waste waters from the town of Bellaire.
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