Historical Review and Management Prescription for Lake Leelanau Fishery

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Michigan Department of Natural Resources
North Lake Leelanau ; Central Lake Michigan ; Leelanau County, Michigan ; Fish stocking ; East Leland Township Park ; Lake Trout ; Rainbow Trout ; Brown Trout ; splake ; lake whitefish ; small mouth bass ; yellow perch ; rock bass ; white sucker ; walleye ; South Lake Leelanau ; bluegill ; Cisco ; northern pike
North Lake Leelanau was surveyed In 2000, and good numbers of lake trout were observed. No brown trout were observed in the survey, and although we have received reports of some incidental catches of large brown trout, we aren't sure of the effort that Is actually directed at brown trout. Angler reports regarding lake trout have been. very positive. North Lake Leelanau has an excellent forage base consisting of smelt and cisco. This forage base should continue to support the stocked lake trout. .
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