Lake Bellaire Project: Preliminary Report for 1982

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Canale, Raymond P.
Peterson, John
Weiss, W.G. Jr.
Lake Bellaire ; Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; 1982 ; Institute for Water Quality Research ; August 1982 ; Three Lakes Association ; Michigan Technological University ; Central Michigan University
Of the three lakes, Lake Bellaire has received special emphasis for this study. It is shallow, has moderate nutrient levels, and receives drainage from upstream shallow lakes and areas surrounding the Bellaire Sewage Treatment Plant. On the other hand, Torch Lake is a large and relatively deep lake which has excellent water quality and is several times the volume of Lake Bellaire. Clam Lake (the third of the area) is extremely shallow and because its length exceeds its width many times, it resembles a wide river in character. It acts as a connector between Bellaire and Torch. Water quality impacts first reflected in Lake Bellaire will affect the others, therefore the efforts of this preliminary study have been concentrated in Lake Bellaire.
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