Summary of Ground-Water Hydrological Data in Michigan in 1969

dc.contributor.authorGiroux, P.R.
dc.contributor.authorHuffman, G.C.
dc.descriptionTable 1 contains records of measurements of ground-water levels in observation wells, well locations, depths, elevations, aquifers which they tap, and the extremes of water level for the past record and in 1969. Table 2 contains records of ground-water pumpage in 1969 of most major ground-water users in the State. Numerous hydrographs are included in the report to illustrate changes of water level. Most of these illustrations also show the effects on water levels of ground-water pumpage and variations in precipitation. Shown in summary form in the text, are supplementary data on the yield of wells, pumpage, storage facilities, treatment, quality of water, per capita use and trends of ground-water levels for 1969 and for part of the previous record.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this report is to make available the records of ground-water levels in the principal aquifers of the State through 1969 and to compile other related data, such as records of groundwater pumpage, data on municipal, public and industrial water-supply facilities, and the effects of precipitation on ground-water levels. Records of water levels in areas of heavy pumpage, and in areas where changes are principally from natural influences, are illustrated or tabulated to allow comparison between these types of water-level fluctuations. The water levels and related data provide a day-to-day record for the evaluation of available ground-water supplies. The long-term records serve as a framework to which short-term records may be related. This report is written for those persons, municipalities, industries, institutions, consultants, drillers, and hydrologists interested in the ground-water resources of the State.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipThe program of ground-water investigations in Michigan is conducted in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, R. A. MacMullan, Director, through the Geological Survey Division, G. E. Eddy, State Geologist, and under an overall agreement for water-resources investigations in Michigan with the State Bureau of Water Management, R. W. Purdy, Executive Secretary.en_US
dc.publisherU. S. Geological Surveyen_US
dc.subjectWater levelsen_US
dc.titleSummary of Ground-Water Hydrological Data in Michigan in 1969en_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US
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