Nutrient Sources for Algae and their Control

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Fitzgerald, George P.
Algae, Analytical techniques, Bioassay, Cycling nutrients, Environmental effects, Essential nutrients, Eutrophication, Limnology, Nitrogen compounds, Nutrient requirements, Phosphorus compunds
Critical evaluations are presented of bioassays for nutrient availability. The biological availability of any required algal nutrient in a sample of water can be determined by growth experiments requiring 2 weeks incubation. In addition, relatively short-term tests can be carried out measuring changes in certain enzymatic activities or chemical fractions which have been shown to reflect meaningful nutritional changes. The latter types of tests have been useful in evaluating the nutritional status of in situ algae. The selection of the type of bioassays for particular purposes can be made from the data presented as to what information can be obtained, the length of time required, and the range of sensitivity of the bioassays. Examples are presented of ecologically important questions which have been answered by the different bioassays.