Lake Bellaire Project Stream Survey

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Kelly, Thomas M.
December 1983 ; Lake Bellaire ; Bellaire Lake ; Stream Survey ; Institute for Water Quality Research ; Traverse Bay Watershed Center ; Three Lakes Association
The five study streams lie on the east side of Lake Bellaire, Antrim County, Michigan. The streams originate in the upland areas of Section 32 of Kearney Township (T30N.-R7W.) and Section 5 of Custer Township (T29N.-R7W.) See Figure 1. The majority of this upland is owned by the Hilton Shanty Creek resort. The upland soils are mostly Kalkaska-Montcalm complex (sands) with 12 to 40% slopes. On the outwash plain, west of the M-88 highway, the soils are mostly Kalkaska-East. Lake complex (sands) with 0 to 6% slopes. Within the stream valleys soils are Tawas-Ensley complex; mostly very poorly drained woody material 16 to 51 inches thick, over sandy material. (Larson and Buchanan, 1978). See Figure 2. The streams have a steaper gradient east of M-88 and reduced gradient west of the highway before entering Lake Bellaire or the Grass River.
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