Safety Inspection of Union Street Dam

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Carpenter, Michael D.
Boardman River Dams
Sections include: Introduction, Conclusions and Recommendations, Project Information (Available References; Project History and Purpose; AND Project Description,) Field Inspection, Structural Stability, Hydrology and Hydraulics, Operation and Maintenance, Emergency Action Plan, Cost Estimates, Appendix A – Project Location Map, Appendix B – Project Drawings: (Toe Drain Concept Sketch; 1986 Fish Passage Design Drawings [2;] 1965 Auxiliary Spillway Reconstruction Drawings [3;] 1955 Armco Gate Details; 1955 Primary Spillway Design Drawings [4;] and 1931 Old Mill Substructure and Flume Drawings [2,]) Appendix C – Photographs (21,) Appendix D – Hydrological Data and MDEQ Flood Discharge Request Record; FEMA Flood Map, Appendix E – Dam Inspection Checklist, and Appendix F – Diving Inspection Report DVD