Carrying Capacity of South Lake Leelanau

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Farber, Hugh
Nielsen, Walt
Lake Leelanau ; Lake Leelanau Lake Association ; July 12, 2001 ; Carrying Capacity ; boating activity ; mooring ; Planning and Zoning Center of Lansing, Michigan ; Lake Size ; lake area less than 5 feet deep ; lake volume ; shoreline length ; shoreline properties ; County Equalization Department
Factual data of South .Lake Leelanau were collected and employed to evaluate the carrying capacity of the lake. This study Indicated that recreational quality (safety and satisfaction) requires 37 acres of lake surface for each boat and that environmental protection of the lake requires 35 acres of lake surface for each boat. Based on the slightly more stringent recreational quality requirement, no more than 118 boats should be in active use on South Lake Leelanau at any time. Two counts of active boats were made in 1997 and one count In 200 I. One of these counts (July, 12, 200 I) found 125 active motor boats. The weather on this day was partly sunny and breezy. This number is greater than the maximum number recommended by the study. Additional boat counts should be made in the future.
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