Wetlands Ecosystem Research Group: Monitoring Report on the Bellaire Wastewater Treatment Facilities 1982 Utilization Report No. 7

Wetlands ; Wetlands Ecosystem ; Wetlands Ecosystem Research Group ; 1982 ; Bellaire ; Monitoring Report ; Bellaire Wastewater Treatment Facilities ; Utilization Report ; University of Michigan
This report details the performance of the Bellaire river forest in removal of nutrients from stabilized wastewater. Approximately 21,000,000 gallons of effluent were discharged to the river forest between June 11 and October 25, 1982. Water chemistry and environmental data were collected. Samples were analyzed, recorded and interpreted at the University of Michigan. Total phosphorus and dissolved ammonium nitrogen in the wastewater averaged 1.86 mg - P/1 and 4.06 mg - N/1 during the discharge period. A meadow site used early in the summer failed to infiltrate, and the discharge was shifted to the adjacent forest. Deep wells near the meadow site show little influence of the wastewater. Shallow wells in the river forest site show increased levels of chloride and nitrogen, but not phosphorus.
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